TITANS leads the manufacturing advancements in commercial & industrial LED lighting, Lighting Control, Smart Grid Energy Storage systems and other sustainable energy products and services.

We are manufacturing and distribution company in the USA with strategic partnerships around the globe. Providing distribution directly to our customers gives them the benefit of having the latest in electrical power technologies, better pricing on products and services, the ability to custom order products, and receive hands on support directly from the manufacture.


Upgrading to LED lighting through Titans USA offers many benefits over current lighting options. The two main benefits are cost and control. LED light fixtures reduce electricity lighting usage by up to 85%. Since our average LED fixture lasts more than five times longer than a regular fixture maintenance costs are also reduced. Controlling wattage usage is another way to save up to an additional 20% on electricity costs, our PC/Phone/Tablet based lighting control software enables you to remotely set your lighting infrastructure to maximize savings.




Nov. 2015 – Jim Gray to lead native american affairs for Titans USA:

Titans USA is excited to announce that Jim Gray former Principle Chief of the Osage Nation has joined Titans USA as Vice President of Native American Affairs.

Jim’s experience in Native American public policy and public relations in the area of energy and economic development position him to be successful in his new role.

Jim will be working with Native American tribes on their energy reform initiatives with a focus on lowering energy consumption and carbon footprint.